Portabottiglie Botte

Bottles Holder Botte

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Barrel 56 bottles capacity, made of corrugated cardboard triple wave, thickness 14 mm.


Cardboard furniture are produced with environmentally sustainable materials. The materials, technology and design blend well to create functional and durable products combining ecological and economic convenience.

Cardboard furniture accessories


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Cardboard bottles holder is an ecological product design. Production is exclusively Italian, is characterized by its uniqueness and innovation, for the linearity of the shapes and the easy construction. Finishes are not going to cover the joints, but leave them to view, highlighting the construction technique. Cardboard is an ancient material, well-known, but the originality of its use lies in creating unique furnishings, adaptable to any environment and style. But they are comfortable? Ergonomic lines of objects give way to find the cardboard furniture comfort, strength, guaranteeing excellent safety features. Maximum capacity is 56 bottles with maximum 8 cm. diameter, the optional glass shelf has 60 cm. diameter with a thickness 0.8 cm.

Innovative products, design and Made in Italy, in addition to meeting the needs of functionality, and furnish it in harmony with nature and make the home a healthy environment in which to live. Respect nature also means to switch to alternative products with minimum environmental impact, biodegradable and recyclable, easy to dispose of and absolutely free of toxic substances such as glues and paints, dangerous for their noxious fumes. A commitment to eco-support, where the center of the building there are human needs and the environment that surrounds it, through creative decor items of beauty and functionality, uniqueness with high emotional impact to the environment in which we live.

Special attention is paid to make decorative items that meet the requirements of solidity and durability over time so far not always considered in these types of projects. Because the choice of cardboard as construction material? It is a natural material that enhances creativity, production requires low power consumption, is simple both in processing and in disposal processes. 100% recyclable and biodegradable, cardboard although it is always a material regarded as just mistakenly packaging, used with certain criteria has good strength and durability.

110 cm
82 cm
82 cm
13 kg
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Production time
2 weeks
Capacity 56 bottles with 8 cm. Diameter (max)
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