Furnishing with cardboard

The focus on safeguarding the environment pushes us to search for green solutions, choosing natural products, where the whole production cycle is a low environmental impact. What better than a cardboard furniture can transmit our ecological footprint? Corrugated cardboard is the answer to a growing need to present an ecological and robust furniture, the choice of this material is explained by analyzing its characteristics: it is free of harmful toxic substances to health, is fully recyclable and biodegradable, has a low cost, and is a light material but at the same time resistant. In addition, our cardboard furniture are simply assembled by a method interlocking, without therefore the use of adhesives and screws, contributing in a practical way in making the environment healthier and environmentally sustainable for all.

These inherent characteristics of the material we combine a highly original design, creating unique furnishings, adaptable to any environment and style. The ductility of the cardboard is known and has enabled us to create a wide range of environmentally eco-furniture products for home and business, as well as accessories like Printed Orologio Mondo or Hanger Cactus. Home available chaise longue, armchairs, sofas, tables, and corner sofas, Double Bookcase Albero.

For the office are modular bookcases, corner, chairs, tables and shelves with lots of drawers. For business room, there are exhibitors like Cardboard Bottles Holder Botte and Bottle Holder Grappolo Doppio, ideal for wine bars, bars and restaurants.

In addition to furnishing lines produced, we are available to the furniture design and production of your project, following specific needs: you can get home care for the definition of a project, for the transport and installation, you can also request a custom quote. All furniture made of corrugated cardboard are customizable through lithographs, screen prints, carvings and inscriptions in relief: colors and decorations are made with environmentally friendly products and techniques. These cardboard furniture are very strong and durable, because they are made in Italy and with first-class cardboard, the "Made in Italy" is very important when it comes to health, as it is assured and certified that the product was tested and certified according to current regulations, EEC Directive 94/62 / EC and DL 22/97, by providing a guarantee on the quality and safety of that country. For all these features and opportunities, choose to decorate their home or office with environmentally friendly and safe products for health is a smart choice and common sense.

Furnishing with the cardboard furniture means to wink at the future, it is to respect the environment and protect their loved ones.

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