List of products by brand ALTACOM Italia

Altacom Italy manufactures transformable furniture (tables, consoles, etc ..) with invented and patented system "made in Italy".
Altacom Italy is the natural evolution of the family company, which since the late '80s had started to produce furniture with particular attention to their use in space, shrinking, contemporary habitat.
of all that is "function" and "multi-function" have brought in a few years to equip business TABLES CONVERTIBLE Collections, CONSOLE EXTENSIBLE, KITCHEN AND DINING TABLES EXTENSIBLE TABLES HEIGHT extraordinary interpretive skills, demonstrated by the company, ADJUSTABLE adequately complemented by chairs, armchairs and stools coordinated materials and finishes.
And this is the Altacom functional heart: a complete range of products, always in constant evolution and renewal.
Our primary strength lies in the fact that Altacom is a true manufacturer, specialist in metalworking at all levels, which has a well-equipped technologically and very flexible industrial structure: this enables us to produce articles in the series and DRAWING ON PROJECT oN tHE CUSTOMER, as well as perform customizations of our series products, for customers who have a need or working in the CONTRACT sector.
The constant research, the desire for innovation and a passion for "intelligent quality" are the other strong points of our company: from this arises a great value for money
which, together with extensive international experience gained over the years, always characterized by our firm path full of satisfaction.
For us and for our customers. Less