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No one will ever love your home like you .... MYDESIGNER but it wants to try!

MYDESIGNER is the e-commerce project dedicated to home design, a window always open on the world of design Made in Italy & Made in Brianza with particular reference to local craftsmanship.

The members have cultivated their passion for design since childhood, without neglecting practical functionality and attention to price, and it is precisely to stabilize this right relationship between quality and price that MYDESIGNER has for years established commercial agreements with the best local producers, to be able to propose current and accessible objects on the market.
Whatever your tastes, trends and needs, with the support of MYDESIGNER you can customize and make your environment unique. Let yourself be amazed by your home or your office!


MYDESIGNER is composed of a team of dynamic people with a lot of experience in the design world, who have a direct contact with the different brands proposed without interposing other intermediaries (expensive).
MYDESIGNER is not only proposed to the private public, but thanks to the excellent capacity for product selection and attention to prices, it has for years been able to offer itself to Architects, Design Studios and Furnishings in general.
The long experience of the management and operational team guarantees the utmost seriousness and reliability in the purchase support, in the management of orders and any returns. Your needs are on top of MYDESIGNER's thoughts, because only an excellent customer service & customer satisfaction can give a continuous and profitable return.


Registering is simple and free, and is the best way to fully exploit the potential of MYDESIGNER.
Only members can receive for FREE a customized technical project for the arrangement of furniture, simply by sending the house plan and details of daily needs.
Only members registered in Lombardy will be eligible for a FREE technical inspection within 7 days from the date of the request.
The MYDESIGNER Newsletter will not invade your inbox and will not always be filled with offers to discard! you will also be updated on topics related to design and we will involve you in our every initiative.


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